Buying and shipping

We provide our customers from inside and outside the United Arab Emirates easy and quick purchasing process with the submission of contracts for the purchase of the client to ensure receipt of the product in the country without the need for travel to get it.

Service to facilitate the money transfer process, either by transfer to our bank account or via money transfer worldwide in case you want to buy by bank transfer method.

Communicate with the customer after the sale and confirm the product functionality. and help him if there is any inquiry, in addition to email the customers to inform them about any new products and updates.

Offer training on the product and the method used in the case of our client’s presence at the center and help him to choose the right product that fits his needs.

Offer a guarantee on all products for a period of one year inside and outside UAE.

Provide the client with the user guide, making it easier to use it the correct way. these comes in English and Arabic and its also sent to the customer in the while shipping.

Our service offers shipping and delivery of our products to all over the United Arab Emirates, European countries, African and Arab countries while maintaining the exact dates in the delivery of products quickly.

Dealing with the world’s largest companies specializing in air freight and facilitating quick clearance process.

Provide our technical services for the maintenance of all products in all repair systems in case there has been any failure by the manufacturer.

our responsibility to repair the product only if it has been any manufacture failure, we are not responsible for damages and negligence.