The biggest and oldest Exhibition for matal and water detectors in Asia and Africa (since 2001)

BR Detectors Dubai

BR Detectors Dubai

Since more than 18 years, BR Dubai Center worked as an exclusive agent for the finest metal, gold and underground water detectors. We also do a partnership with the biggest global factories. Today, we own the necessary skills to provide all the solutions and services that relate to prospecting and exploration sector, starting from the traditional devices to the imaginary devices that shows what’s under-ground.. like treasures, minerals and water.

The oldest and largest agent in Asia and Africa

Since the establishment of our company for more than eighteen years we have built strong relationships with most of the world factories that manufacture and produce metal and water detectors. Our center was the first agent in Asia and Africa for these Europian and American factories, we have built this partnership to ensure that we will provide these devises to our consumers at best prices that suitable for all. through the experience that we gained during these long years of trading and using these devices by us we have been able to develop a lot of detectors in cooperation with their factories in America, Europe and other countries through mutual visits between us and between them and the mutual exchange of scientific views and the process that will lead to the desired result of explorers and prospectors in the world.

Our mission

Assist our clients in their quest to get the finest metal detectors with all honesty and keen. and searching for the best to put in their hands. that’s through outstanding technical expertise from our labors, and partnership with major international companies and global factories. with being credible professional, well-established reputation as a reliable. To be a pioneer and the top trade in metal detectors at the same time to continue to work on the acquisition and develop our labors to stimulate excellence and care to provide the best services to all customers.

Our values

Our values ​​are the standard against which we measure our success, which is in particular to be a center that reflects the positive development which we stick to it from the beginning.

Technical support

We provide you with a special technical support at the time and purchasing by the team of specialized engineers in our company.


All the devices that we offer are guaranteed and accompanied by a warranty card up to three years.

Maintenance services

When purchasing from our company, you will receive free maintenance service within the guarantee period.

Shipping to all countries

Wherever you are, you will recieve your device by the fastest and most secure shipping and delivery methods.